Jun 4, 2011
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Hey Everyone,

I watched the football match last (Brazil v England). Something went tick in my brain, and I had the thought I've never really played the Brazilian league. The only time was a brief encounter which ended in disappointment, mainly because the league just seemed to keep on going. Well, the number of matches did.

I'm not the biggest fan of long seasons. So I decided I would make my own Brazilian league system. The main aim to allow Brazilian clubs the power to keep home grown talent in Brazil.

I plan to make the following;

League - around 5 tiers each of around 15-20 teams.

League Cup - All tiers are entered. With a reasonable cash prize. This may have a league element to it for the starting rounds for lower teams. Adding a win bonus for games. The aim to generate cash at the lower levels.

Brazilian Cup - This will be the main cup. Sticking to a traditional knockout format. Additionally, I will add relatively high win bonuses, which will gradually increase each round.

Please let me know your thoughts, interest in such a project. I should be able to make a working version sometime this week.

Thanks for now.
I am Brazilian and I always played the Brazilian League in all versions of the game. The big problem is the so-called State Championships - Paulista, Carioca, Mineiro - (that actually exist) but leave the very long season.

My suggestion is to delete the State Championships and adjust the calendar to the European calendar, the season starts in Brazil in January, not August.

The idea of ​​creating the League Cup is good, the Brazilian Cup already exists.

Do not forget to keep the Copa Libertadores (the South American Champions League) and the South American Cup that could be made in Euro format.

If you need some help I am available.
I want to do the opposite and recreate the Brazilian system in England but I don't know how to make the state (regional for England) championships. I want to get rid of the league cup and have 6 regional cup competitions allowing smaller teams to play more regularly against bigger teams and allowing bigger teams more matches against smaller teams to bring younger players through. I always get frustrated that once I get to manage a big team I always seem to have high pressure games and its more difficult to bring younger players through and don't like the lack of control over how often and what position/role players play out on loan. The Brazillian model is great if you just want to play games and don't spend too much time buying players so I want to try it in a European league