Bremen in bid for Spurs' Kranjcar

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Aug 23, 2006
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Tottenham manager Harry Redknapp says he wants to keep hold of Niko Kranjcar after confirming a bid from Werder Bremen.

yeah..wants to keep him on the bench..

Hey he needs someone to keep his seat warm
He is Old and cold seats could cause serious twitching.

Seriously tho why doesnt he sell him after buying pienaar
I feel for him. We shouldn't have signed Pienaar really, Kranjcar is more than capable of the same roles across midfield.

Either way, hope he gets some playing time soon, whether it is with us, or abroad.
He has a point, they do have a lot of games coming up and it’s always good having players like him in reserve but he still has Jenas,O’Hara Palacios,Thudd,Modric,VDV & Pienear.

Hardly lacking depth.
Big fan of Niko, the Pienaar deal didnt make much sense (unless its pre cursor to the sale of Bale), hope he gets playing soon
As much I want Niko to stay, I feel he won't get any playing time and it would be best to let him go :(
too good a player to be a benchwarmer
I really dont know why a prem club hasent gone in for him tbh.. very good technical player

im guessin redknapp is over pricing saying he brought him for 2 million and has just put him on the bench
Always rated him. No need for him at Spurs now though with Pienaar, Modric and Bale all able to play in the same position.

Will be a good signing for Bremen.