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Brighton De Zerbi Tactic

in away match, are u still going with positive mentality?espescially against bigger teams like city,or Liverpool
Yeah I have been and its not done me too much harm but if you're doubtful then I'd say go balanced
As much as I personally do enjoy 2 RPM, I decided to change the right DM to a DLP(d) still with same PI's. The build up and passing still equates to being the same (give or take) but with that lil bit of extra defensive solidity that Caicedo offers in real life. Gonna run at least 8 - 10 more games with this and see any differences.

For the AM you can really use most roles. I'm gonna try AM(a) with same PI's but imagine there will be a lot of similarities to the SS with perhaps a tiny difference in movement etc.

Like I've already said even though this is close to the finished product, I will still be tweaking as I see fit.
Let me know any tweaks you get up to and I'll give it a go too!