Apr 17, 2009
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A Career finally starts

After years of studying Sports Science at his local university Johnathan Trotman has got his degree in football. It has taken him 5 years of obsessive drinking but now his life begins but where....

Over the summer he has been putting in CV into clubs across England looking for his first opportunity to work within a club. After weeks of waiting a team finally get in contact but who...

Over the course of a couple of days the contracts were signed and Johnathan Trotman was ready for the challenge of taking up his first professional role within football but at what position...

Luton Search for a new manager has come to an end

Luton have announced unknown manager Johnathan Trotman will be at the helm for the start of the 2010/11 season. It comes as a shock to fans as they were promised a manager with a proven track record but the board have instead gone for a nobody in football.​

Luton have released a statement

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As you all know we have appointed our new manager Johnathan Trotman this will come as a shock to some fans as we promised someone with a proven track record to turn fortunes round at Kenilworth Road. We are confident that the fans will come round to the idea as young manager Johnathan Trotman has promised promotion in his 1st season in charge. Johnathan Trotman has told us he will work with the players he has got and will only look to loan players as he wants to make sure the club can make money so we can progress through the divisions, he has also suggested that he wants to be given a chance here and wants the fans to get behind the players as they have gone through tough times in the last 5 years dropping from the championship to the conference.​