Apr 5, 2013
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I need players British Premier League online game.
If you're interested in the Premiership online challenge add me on steam or leave comment with steamID and team.
My steam ID: borusen88

Players - Team:

Bayernfan17 -Chelsea
borusen88 - Arsenal
ruilcfrutuoso - Manchester United
sascha- Tottenham

We've started the season but if someone wants to join, add steamID: bayernfan17 and he can pick a team (M.City is excluded). Cheers!

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Hi Marcin - when you say British league, have you set up a custom league in Editor?
Are others able to see your new league when they join your network game?
is the game still open
id like to be liverpool fc
steam id is wes_bracey1

let me know thanks
I'll join - add me markieuk83
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