Apr 13, 2011
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2 new managers join the premier league.
Svend Carr and Darren Carr have both become managers in the top flight of English football. The brothers have relished the opportunity of managing one of the best teams in the world, Svend, the older of the 2 has taken over Arsenal and Darren has taken over Chelsea. Both brothers work starts on July the 17th​.

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Benayoun and Malouda Transfer Listed
New Chelsea manager Darren Carr has put Yossi Benayoun and Malouda on the transfer list. Darren stated that they were on to much wage and they were useless for his team. Inter Milan are interested in Benayoun and might put in an offer soon.

No space for Gervinho,Arshavin and Diaby at Arsenal
Arsenal’s manager Svend Carr has announced that Gervinho, Arshavin and Diaby have no future at the Emirates. He stated that it was a hard decision but he felt it was the right thing to do. So what do YOU think? Send us a tweet at #skysports.

Everton say no to Arsenal
Everton have said no to Arsenal after Arsenal’s 15m pound bid for Everton starlet was rejected by Everton. Arsenal’s Svend Carr will go after him even more, but will the answer still be no?

Chelsea Kick Off pre-season with a bore draw
Chelsea kicked off their pre-season with a 1-1 draw with Lyon. Lyon had the early chances and after 12 minutes took the lead through Lisandro Lopez crisp volley. Then it was Chelsea’s turn to attack and hit the post through Ba’s header. The game was nearly at the end before a solo goal from Eden Hazard equalised for the blues.
New England take the spoils in ding dong battle
Arsenal’s pre-season took of with a awful loss to New England. New England started superbly and Dily Gomez’s header took them off to a great start in the 3[SIZE=-1]rd​[/SIZE] minute. 2 minute’s after and it was 2-0 as Vermaelen gave it away and allowed Andrew pore to calmy finish. Arsenal then pressed and got their goal through a powerful, close range shot from Olivier Giroud. It got worse for Arsenal as in the 57[SIZE=-1]th​[/SIZE] minute Andrew Pore grabbed his second goal after neat play.
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