Bruce rues 'ludicrous' schedule

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Aug 23, 2006
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Sunderland boss Steve Bruce calls for an end to the "ludicrous" Christmas fixture list after seeing three players suffer muscle injuries on Tuesday.

Could be worse, could be 48 hours a week doing a real job.
****** quit your moaning Bruce, It's the same for all premier league teams.
Its been this was for years, althouth we should have a break.
i love how in britain over christmas its football nearly every day
It would be better if they can have some sort of gap, like many European countries have, but will it work in Britain is a different question
a break will benefit the National side but not the club fans because they love the football around Xmas.
Somebody tell Bruce to man the **** up or get a real job, his choice.
get On with your job, you dirty mackem. 19 other teams have to do it, and it is a tradition in English football. It is just an excuse for them playing ****. At least Newcastle came out tonight and said we didn't play well,.
Whilst he's being a bit whiny, he does raise a valid point. A winter break's advantages is becoming more and more obvious to me at least.
all the money these managers and players get, stop morning an get on with it, i play on a sat and a sun for NOTHING, if u love ur football u wanna play, but these days its all about money, its ruining football, so bruce quit ur job and get a proper job were u get an holiday over xmas, but remember al that money u will lose *****
i think most football fans do mate, its just these over paid managers an players that dont