Mar 20, 2012
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I need a good keeper for my BSP team, Free transfer/Loan, or a paid transfer under 30k as thats all i have.
bolton young goalkeeper lainton i think it is quality in goal when i ever go in BSP
Try filtering a search for goalkeepers loan listed or contracts expired. Also manually search the youth and reserve teams of Football League clubs. One i remember doing well in BS leagues was Alan Martin , a fromer Leeds United youth goalkeeper. Not sure if he's a free transfer but definitely one to consider
Adam Street - Canadian.....may not get him due to work permit though but think he's on a free
I should've pointed out i'm in January 2014, Most of the players suggested have moved clubs.

I tried to sign someone who rejected me then went to sign for Gateshead, who were below me -.-
Do you have Germany loaded in? Try and find a German scout and you'll automatically get some reports, in my BSP>L2 file atm he suggested so many goalkeepers that were good in both leagues and possibly will be in L1