May 23, 2013
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Soooo i would like to share my tactic. Maybe get some feedback.
I guess i'll call my tactic Bucaneer. Don't ask me why
Its the best one i have tried... saying that i haven't tried any of the ones on here.
I have only tried with Napoli but the 1st season i won the league with 95 points having sold Cavani & Hamsik.
Ok so here's the formation and the basic team settings i am using.

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Quick explanation:
Very fluid, control and short passing obviously all goes together perfectly.
Closing & Aggression settings i have are just great for winning the ball back high up the pitch.
Very high defence seems to be the best way to go this year and the offside trap is working well with that. Sometimes in game i will change it down a bit if i think there's too much space behind. (In the pic it might look like thats all the way up but its one notch back.)
Narrow width seems to help players link up better for me.
I like the slow tempo as this year playing direct doesn't seem to work as well.... i am finding fast strikers aren't as good as before which obviously suits a faster tempo.
Now the players..
The 1st thing i will say is my back 4 i have changed the sliders so they have no creative freedom and are fully defensive here's an example..
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Also i have changed all the passing to the shortest possible among the whole defence and GK and reduced their closing down to the middle on all 4 defenders to stop them getting caught out of position. I might in future potentially move them even further down haven't really looking into it yet.
All the back four also all have rarely on everything in the offensive table so basically they are just there to defend. (GK also has 0 creative freedom and his defensive/offensive slider all the way to the left.)

So look at the players i have or read this for good player fits...

GK: I think its good to have good rushing out and one on one stats. I wouldn't buy a keeper who doesn't do well in important matches also (learnt that 1 from the wonderkid Genoa Gk who was a shocker in big games!). Basically any decent keeper who's not terrible at rushing out. Not a fan of low handling butter fingers either.

Full backs: I usually go for at least 14 pace and acceleration and i think strength here's a biggy it helps a lot for overpowering wingers i find. Important that they are actually pretty good at defending obviously but i'm sure you already can work that out.

Centre backs: Ok more picky here... Strength 15, jumping 15, pace & acceleration 12+. Also i wouldn't buy anyone without 10+ agility. Positioning, concentration, tacking all other stats i look for.

Defensive midfielder on defensive setting: 15+ strength and not too picky just be a good ball winner you all know the stats. M'villa and Inler are great examples here but i would train Inler in strength to get that up a bit.

Defensive mid with support setting: More of a box to box midfielder here. Jucilei is a great example. I'd go for 14+ strength, dribbling is nice and finishing also good must be good at defending though. Think of a yay toure type player....... obviously a poor mans version if your not managing a big team.

Its really important to keep one of your DM's on defensive all the time otherwise it kills the shape of the team

On my defensive midfielders i put everything down to rarely in the offensive table except sometimes make forward runs and sometimes run with ball with the support DM. If you have a support Dm whos not the best dribbler i would take the run with ball down to rarely too.

LM & RM: Probably your most important players. Need good pace and dribbling, i reckon you can get away with 10+ crossing if you can't find a great crosser. Just really talented/flairy wingers here is a must i think. Napoli had some great ones to start with like Armero and Zuniga who are good examples. IMPORTANT: With these players i put crossing, through balls and longs shots to rarely and full creative freedom and full attacking mentality.

Strikers: I have both as target men. big strong strikers with good strength, heading and off the ball is a bonus.... i would never buy a striker with low concentration or composure.

These guys have everything on rarely too!

The wide midfielders and striker i put the passing style slider 3 notches to the left form the middle also.

The reason i put a lot of things on rarely is with the amount of creative freedom they have i find it better for them to do their own thing. I find if i am forcing them to do things i will lose the ball more often with the high creative freedom.
Start of the season i do intensive tactic training like everyone else to get that formation fluid as fast as possible then go to general and defensive positioning. I read Raikans team talk guide on here which i highly recommend checking out.
If i am trying to hold a lead i am sometimes a bit lazy to change my tactics
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Think i might of wrote too much there.
I go very rigid and retain possesion if i get nervous. Also wide mids are on only sometimes make forward runs forget to mention that.
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How small? I got Genoa to 2nd in 1st season with an very early version of the tactic not sure if they are considered small though?
Never tried with that low sorry. After the tactics fluid with the intensive tactic prep/training i use 20% defensive positioning and average general.
I let my assistant manager do my opponent instructions. I have been tweaking my tactic a bit today so might be updating it soon.