Jan 13, 2015
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I'm not sure how many people still monitor these threads, but I'll post my career as Manager of Budapest Honved. It was/is an attempt to bring about a resurgence of the Mighty Magyars of old. I began in 2011 obviously, and I've just finished the 2015-2016 Season. It's been a fun ride improving the facilities and club finances, but it has been hard nurturing young Hungarian talent. The squad is heavy with foreigners, but there are some bright youngsters every now and then. Anyway, I'll be posting updates, screenshots, etc over the next few days, weeks. Hopefully people will find my journey interesting. :D
Well, I was going to post screenshots of my progress but the thread is saying there are too many characters...

So, in brief we've won the League every year from 2011-12 Season to the 2015-16 Season. We're currently lying in 1st with 26 pts after 12 games, and it is mid-October 2016.

I have posted a few video clips to YouTube showing highlights of various games. Just search for 'mahalajr2000' and 'Honved' on YouTube.

Besides bringing more finances into the club and improving the facilities my greatest accomplishment has been consistently taking the club into the Champions League Group Stage. We were there in 2013, 2014, and 2015. 2016 would have been 4 times in a row but we lost a close Playoff tie to Viktoria Plzen 1-1 on away goals! So, this current season we are in the Europa Groups with Roma, Gladbach, and Metalist. Wish us luck!

P.s. Hopefully, I'll get the screenshot thing worked out. I'm sure you don't want to just read texts from me...
Awesome-that second goal in the R. Madrid clip is a beauty.

What does your roster look like? Any big names?
It's very foreign-heavy, lots of Africans. As far as "big names" go, there are a few who have improved the clubs stature. Andre Hainault (CAN) has been my best defender by far, Clement Bayema has been with me since the beginning. Got him on a free, and he's been quality. Balasz Toth was signed just because I wanted a Hungarian international on my team. He's a bit old, but he's been great as a DMC, his mental stats are off the charts, and he's got a long shot that would make Steven Gerrard proud! Also, he scored the goal of the season last year. I might try to post it, if I can. Other that that, this season I've added a couple of South Koreans to the team. Names to follow...
PkdInfNameNatPositionSquad StatusDist/90MinsTckSh TCr C/APas RClean sheetsConcYelLeft FootPreferred FootStrengthWeaknessCapsWageExpiresValueAgeRecDutyMoraleLast 5 GamesConAppsGlsMins/GlAstMoMAv Rat
-InjIvan BanicCROGKFirst Team5.1km1,440--0%88%9130WeakRightCommunicationRushing Out0£1,000 p/w6.30.2019£22K22DefendVery Good64%160-006.86
GKFgnIvan DoderovicSRBGKBackup4.8km180--0%78%120ReasonableRightHandlingOne On Ones0£625 p/w6.30.2019£2K24DefendOkay99%20-007.10
-WntJames ElanHAIGKBackup5.1km900--0%90%740ReasonableRightCatching CrossesRushing Out28£1,300 p/w6.30.2018£40K27DefendFairly Good100%100-006.92
S2RsvAndrás DebreceniHUNSW, D (C)Backup8.7km1,1320.870%0%72%--6Fairly StrongRightAerial AbilitySpeed0£600 p/w6.30.2018£20K27StopperOkay100%12 (5)0-006.77
DRFgnFilip StojkovicSRBD (R)Key Player10.7km1,4534.21-20%75%--5Fairly StrongRightSpeedTeam Player0£425 p/w6.30.2020£120K23SupportFairly Good87%16 (1)0-106.98
DCLFgnAndre HainaultCAND (RLC)First Team10.0km1,9663.9833%10%75%--5Fairly StrongRightMarking58£2,700 p/w6.30.2018£65K30StopperVery Good96%22 (1)11966.00147.39
-WntGodfrey OboabonaNGAD (R), DMBackup10.3km6194.360%0%79%--1ReasonableRightSpeedTeam Player0£2,000 p/w6.30.2019£45K26SupportOkay98%7 (1)0-117.10
S5YelTamás VaskóHUND (C)Backup8.6km1,5571.7962%50%67%--3WeakRight OnlyAerial AbilitySpeed15£575 p/w6.30.2018£12K32StopperOkay100%16 (5)3519.00006.85
DCRWntClément BayemaCMRD (C)First Team8.8km1,8522.3333%100%68%--0Very WeakRight OnlyAerial AbilityTeam Player0£1,100 p/w6.30.2018-28StopperOkay91%2211852.00107.05
-FgnKim Hyung-IlKORD (C)Key Player---------WeakRightTeam PlayerSpeed38£4,700 p/w6.30.2017£40K32StopperOkay92%------
-RsvDavid MalandeTAND (C)Backup8.4km2642.050%0%79%--0WeakRight OnlyAerial AbilityTeam Player9£600 p/w6.30.2019£180K20CoveringFairly Good96%40-007.43
-RsvHakan KaracaTURD (C), DM, M (C)Backup9.2km4422.8550%0%81%--1Very WeakRight OnlyTeam Player0£750 p/w6.30.2019£160K19SupportOkay100%4 (3)1442.00007.03
DLFgnKim Chi-WooKORD/WB/M (L)Rotation10.4km1,0373.1233%0%75%--4Very StrongLeftTeam PlayerAerial Ability34£4,600 p/w6.30.2017£20K32SupportOkay93%12 (1)11037.00007.20
-RsvSiyanda ZwaneRSAD/WB/M/AM (RL)Backup10.9km9744.16-25%78%--2ReasonableRightSpeedAerial Ability1£2,500 p/w6.30.2017£10K31SupportFairly Poor95%11 (2)0-016.92
S3RsvBalázs TóthHUNDM, M (C)Key Player10.6km1,2795.1422%27%80%--6ReasonableRightTeam Player33£2,900 p/w6.30.2018£22K35DefendFairly Good97%15 (1)2639.50107.27
DMCRsvIrénée KouakouCIVDM, M (C)Key Player9.9km8863.9666%0%80%--4WeakRight OnlySpeedTeam Player0£4,000 p/w6.30.2018£80K28DefendFairly Good87%102443.00007.10
MCLLaglais KouassiCIVDM, M (C)Key Player11.7km1,6843.3758%35%76%--2WeakRightSpeed0£3,000 p/w6.30.2020£85K26SupportFairly Good95%20 (2)2842.001437.25
MCRWntVyacheslav ChurkoUKRM (C)Backup10.6km7763.1314%27%83%--2ReasonableRightSpeedMarking0£2,400 p/w6.30.2019£35K23SupportOkay93%8 (2)0-607.19
-Sadam JumaUGAM (C)Backup10.3km1,4222.5930%23%81%--0WeakRight OnlyTechniqueAthleticism18£5,000 p/w6.30.2019£50K23SupportFairly Poor99%15 (4)11422.00006.81
-RsvMáté SzolgaHUNM/AM (R), STBackup9.8km1601.12100%0%66%--0WeakRightSpeedAerial Ability0£950 p/w6.30.2018£20K23AttackOkay95%2 (1)0-207.20
-WntAttila FilkorHUNM/AM (C)Not Needed10.2km1932.800%0%89%--1WeakRight OnlyIntelligenceMarking7£425 p/w6.30.2018£26K28SupportFairly Poor95%2 (1)0-107.55
S4RsvMartin PatersonNIRAM (R), STKey Player10.2km5742.0453%26%78%--2Fairly StrongRightSpeedAerial Ability40£2,600 p/w6.30.2018£60K29AttackGood94%6 (5)2287.00206.80
-TrvSergey ZaleskiyBLRAM (R), STBackup10.5km6941.3050%9%79%--2Very WeakRight OnlySpeedTeam Player0£3,000 p/w6.30.2021£350K19AttackOkay100%6 (9)3231.33406.96
STCLJeffrey SchluppGHAAM (L), STKey Player10.2km1,3572.3954%14%75%--0Very StrongLeftSpeedAerial Ability0£2,100 p/w6.30.2018£90K23AttackFairly Good98%14 (11)5271.40506.92
-RsvViktor SzabóHUNAM (L), STHot Prospect10.1km1583.9980%7%86%--0WeakRightSpeedIntelligence0£120 p/w6.30.2018£210K20AttackFairly Good96%2279.00018.10
-InjZoltán NánásiHUNAM (L), STHot Prospect8.6km1771.53100%0%79%--0WeakRightSpeedAerial Ability0£130 p/w6.30.2021£26K17AttackOkay63%2 (1)1177.00006.77
S6FofoESPAM (C), STFirst Team10.4km5321.6953%4%76%--1Very StrongEitherSpeedIntelligence0£2,000 p/w6.30.2019£65K26AttackOkay99%2 (16)3177.33116.74
S7FgnClaudio BielerECUSTKey Player9.3km8951.5136%16%83%--1ReasonableRightTeam PlayerSkillful8£4,500 p/w6.30.2017£24K32AttackFairly Good100%11 (4)2447.50316.56
S1RsvMohamed Ali SlamaTUNSTNot Needed8.8km2271.1950%27%84%--0WeakRight OnlyAerial AbilityTeam Player1£2,100 p/w6.30.2019£28K28AttackOkay97%3375.67007.83
STCRTamás TakácsHUNSTFirst Team10.0km1,5812.3333%12%79%--3ReasonableRightAerial AbilityTeam Player8£700 p/w6.30.2020£100K25AttackOkay97%20 (3)7225.86307.08
STCPRTonyROUSTFirst Team10.0km1,2542.4455%13%74%--3ReasonableRightAthleticismSkillful2£2,600 p/w6.30.2020£85K27AttackGood96%15 (6)10125.40347.11
-FgnAlcides PeñaBOLSTBackup9.9km1841.4745%0%80%--2ReasonableRightSpeedTeam Player18£1,600 p/w6.30.2018£40K27AttackGood95%2 (2)1184.0001
...Okay, there is a snapshot of the first team currently. BTW, Kim Chi-Woo and Kim Hyung Il are the recent Korean additions. As you can see, I've also been able to acquire some players who were hanging around in the English Championships. Sorry if it's a bit crowded. I couldn't post it as a picture but I could post it as a pasted copy, weird.
Frustrated. I played up until mid February 2017, and the game crashed. The previous save was back in October 24, 2016. So, basically I get to re-do the last 4 months... :mad: Oh well, I learned my lesson = save the game more often!!!