Bug or Syndrome of Not Wanting to Win the League?


May 2, 2018
So, I begun a new save recently and faced this problem: when my team reached the point where we need only a draw to win the League title, we became to lose EVERY GAME.

I normally dont win the League title in my first year in a save, but thats the second time that it happen and its the second time that this "bug" happen.

When we only need a draw, we lose every game.

The game against Ponte Preta, for example, was ridiculous. We had 60% possession, 4 CCCs. My striker, the League top scorer, missed a shot completely free, with the keeper away from the goal (he went to intercept a counter and missed the ball). My 10 missed a penalty. They only shoot once - and scored.

Against Bahia, the same. Penalty missed, a lot of CCCs and they scored in theirs only opportunity, on extra time.

Its the second time this happens with me. I managed to win the League title on goal difference, but its so frustranting! Anyone has an explanation?

PS: Sorry for the bad English! :)