Apr 6, 2009
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Hello People and happy new year.
Right i've been working on a new tactic a couple of months back. Once i felt the tactic was right to use, i started a season with united it's a 5-2-3 Sweeper, got half way through the season, then i got a crash dump, i wasn't very happy and i didn't even save the game, now that i'm back at work i really haven't got time to play FM, so i'm asking for you guys to test it and tell me what you think.

Right there's 3 tactics in this pack, a short pitch version, narrow pitch version and long pitch version.
it's important to use the right tactic with the right pitch, especially playing away!!!!!!

Please don't ask me which pitch size to use, that is totally down to you e.g

Max pitch = Long version
Standard pitch = Narrow version
Min pitch = Short version

The tactic is fluid and attacking, with simple roles which are

Gk Van Der Sar
Sw Ferdinand
Dcx2 Vidic/Brown
WBx2 Evra/Rafeal
MCx2 Fletcher/Scholes
AMRx2 Nani/Valencia (Inside Forwards)
SC Rooney

I don't use OI
Shouts is also down to you

Happy FMing feed back would be great, good or bad.
Download links below along with a pic of the tactic.

Also if you are gonna download the tactic PLEASE GET ALL 3, cheers
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i will be starting a new season again tomorrow with the tactics, so i'll post updates
Oh great, was trying to develop the same system in one of my saves. Will gladly try it mate. Will report back :D
cheers buddy, hope it all goes well, starting my season tomorrow.
Yeah let me know how it goes

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just finished pre season friendies, results below.
Just finished the V3 versions of the tactic, will upload them in abit
Feed back would be great, i'll upload a few pics of my season soon