Apr 1, 2013
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Before i will start, i would like to say that i am using a story posted by WheresMySheepskinCoat
because he made it perfectly and it is easier to copy some stuff from the beginning .
If he or anybody else doesn't want me to do so, just tell me and i will delete it. :)

Building A Dynasty - Anderlecht


Hi everybody! I have always liked to read the stories other people write and i'm a big fan of both this game and Anderlecht. Therefor i will be starting my very own story hoping it will please other people as i have enjoyed your stories.

Short Term Aims:

I definetly HAVE to win the league.
I also have to qualify for the Champions League Group Stage as i will be needing the big cash to buy some interesting players.

Long-Term Aims:

Win the Champions League.
Produce World-Class players, via the clubs academy and Scouting Network.
Take control of Belgium and win the World cup.
Increase Anderlecht’s reputation to one of the best in the world.
Become one of the richest clubs in the world.
Hopefully see the Belgium league's standing in European football increase, however I understand this is not something that I can solely effect as I’m only one club.

Anderlecht's History: