Building a European force in Wales! Please help


May 1, 2009
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Hi folks,
just finished my 1st season with very respectable (IMO at least) 6th place. While preparing for next season, which will be harder (hopefully much more games etc) but really challenging (Europa League!), I would welcome any help building me a decent squad. Have no idea about transfer budget, haven't got so far yet.
So, my squad looks like that ATM and please take into account I'm varying 4141 and 4231 tactics depending on various circumstances.
GK: Vorm, Tremmel
RB: Rangel, Tiendalli
LB: Taylor, Davies
CB: Williams, Chico, Bartley, Monk
DMC: Britton (Ki and Romero covering)
MC: Ki, De Guzman, Romero, Brunt
MR/AMR: Dyer, P. Hernandez, Routledge
ML/AML: Fabian, Brunt, Dyer, P. Hernandez
AMC: Michu, Diamanti
ST: Helenius, Diamanti, Soriano, Fierro
Your thoughts?
Probably not willing to activate De Guzman's buying price, also looking to sell Routledge, Tiendalli, Monk...
Buy Eduardo, I bought him for £6m first season with Swansea, he got prem top scorer with 27 goals, helping me get 4th place!
scotty, that's an idea but considering all my four forwards have been bought either before 1st season or in January, it would create a real overload in this department. Anyway thinking seriously about loaning Fierro out to get more match experience, hopefully in PL.