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Jan 14, 2024
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Would love some tips on how to help out the rest of the league.
Iv won the Swedish division 7 years running and no matter what I do the rest of the league won’t take players from me. Iv tried offering them free loans and free transfers but they never seem interested and as a result I’m pulling further and further away and the league isnt improving in the rankings.
How can I get them to take my players?
It's tough, really, because chances are your players aren't interested in those clubs to begin with.
You can try setting up affiliations that allow you to send players out on loan for free and then send wonderkids in early development to those other clubs.
Or if those clubs are interested in loaning those wonderkids, you can try going for a 2 year loan at least (if that option is available in sweden) or look to extend the loan early.

As for fully fledged first team players, you're probably out of luck for the most part, because by natural means you can't force players onto certain clubs. But perhaps those wonderkids are gonna be enough to see the other teams perform decently well in european competition, which as a result would see your league rise eventually.

Without taking over those clubs yourself or using the editor to give them players, you're not gonna be in a position where you can strengthen the other teams to the point of them giving you a run for your money, and you'll likely be in a position where you're comfortably winning the league for a while if not forever, and your real objective is gonna be winning European competitions from now on - which will eventually lead to more spots in European competitions for your nation (unless that was changed with the new CL format). So that's the best you can do I'm afraid.