Building the Ultimate team with only 2 months in-game time


Mar 12, 2013
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Firstly as this is my first post Id like to say Hi to everyone. So Hi.

Now thats sorted, I should explain exactly what I am doing.

A friend of mine and myself have come up with a little wager that will revolve around a best of 5 Versus game. The rules are pretty simple, we can take ANY team in the game and we have only the first transfer window to build the best team possible. Unlike normal versus games this takes out the unfair advantage of incredible regens or very well developed players.

So here is where I ask the community for your thoughts as to how to do this. Im fairly sure that I will play one of Barca, Real Madrid, Manchester City, Manchester United or Bayern. Possibly Juve but I think they wouldn't do to well with the only 2 foreign player rule in the Seria A.

Barca or Real would make sense because of the big transfer budgets and obviously Messi/Ronaldo.

However Im asking mostly who do you think I should buy?

As it is so early on I don't want wonderkids as they won't be anywhere near the potential necessary. Also with the potential for silly monthly instalments Im sure I can get established top class players.

So what are your thoughts? I think I will play my version of the 4-2-2-2 that Raikenn007 posted. But what team and what players will be very good from the get go?

Any ideas/help would be appreciated!!!