Jan 23, 2011
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thought i would have a go with either bayern or dortmund, both contrasting but not sure who to go with. anyway, started up a save and all the german players are on holiday until whenever. theres loads of friendlies for both teams before the players return from euro duty, how u meant to put a team out? i guess use reserves etc, hardly great for pre season, and you cant cancel the games either. anyone else have this and how you get by it? i assume thats just how it is, but very annoying!
i was bayern and yh you just have to play all the preson game with your bayern ll team i would go 4 dortmund if i was you bayern are a wicked team but ribery robben and gomez are so inj prone i'd give it a miss and be dortmund my first season ribery and robben managed only 15 game beteen them in all comps and it is inpossaball to sell them as they are both worth £15-20m and both on £165,00 a week even man city and PSG said no to buying them
Go with Dortmund a great young team with two or three young players set up perfectly to play attractive football.