Jan 11, 2011
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Hello I've started a new Game as manager of Burnley .

I have some Questions
1. wich tactic i should Use 4-4-2 or 4-1-2-1-2 ?
2. I really need some players for the first season:
* A Central Defender
* Wing Back , Right/Left Defender
* A Central Midfielder (Not very necessary)
* A attacking Midfielder Right / Left
* And a Striker
(Budget 4.4 Mil)
yeah , i know bud i didn't know where to post it , and this section looked to be the most appropriated for it.
yeah jay demerit CB
Alex chamberlain from southampton youth for AMR, his stats don't look great but hes a good prospect and played solid throughout the championship for me
I've played Burnley a few times being a Burnley Fan.

First off - You have Chris Mcann in the reserves due to injury. Once he's fit he should replace Kevin Mcdonald in your first team

Second sign Enzo maresca on a free transfer. Good experienced CM but will ask for high wages and possibly match highest earner. He's good for the first season but you may find he tires easily and will need to be subbed for tough matches

As for a defender you have 2 good CB - Bikey and Carisle. Try and sign Jordan Spence from Westham (I think) he can cover CB and RB.

The best thing with Burnley is you can get some good players on Loan. You alrerady have Jack Cork - a good young player. You can sign Macheda on a season long loan from United for 0% wages. Partnered with Paterson and you have your main strike force.
I've tried signing Cork once his loan has finished but after the first season he has no intenetion of joining

Thompson is old but a good sub and Jay Rodreigez (SP?) is a good impact Sub.

Your main Wingers will be Eagles and Ross Wallace. The Burnley squad doesnt really have cover for this area. Paterson is quite able on the right wing if you desperate and both Eagles and Wallace dont get injured too often (In my experience). Try and sign Dos Santos from Spurs on a 6month Load deal.

You will also need a new keeper. Lee Grant should be your first team keeper. You should be able to sign Luis Guillherme (SP?) a very good wonderkid keeper for less than 1mill, but you may struggle to get a WP for him.

I also sold Jensen to United for 1mill - He never played a game for them but I enjoyed the money. They sent an enquiry in and I put in 1mill.

Also after the first Season M Owen tends to be without a contract. If you tap him up during the first season you might be able to sign him if you get promoted! provided you keep him fit he bags alot.

The formation I play is a Strict 4-2-4 system with the two wingers pushed up one spot into attacking position. Set as wingers Support.

Hope that helped and sorry for the poor spelling :) Im lazy!
Try this tactic





The striker on left has to be poacher
try buying Simon Church, he's a striker and he will cost you 2 mil,