Oct 27, 2009
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Im in my second season as Burnley having won the Championship last year.I felt good and then I got some very good signings.1st match of the season played ynited got a 2-2 drae then played Wolves and won 2-3.Then I played Bolton drew 1-1.Then we played Sunderland and lost 5-1.
I suddenly began to realise that my defense seems to be very frail.Even tho my keeper is my best player he has conceeded 10 in 4 games.Im not saying its unexpected but if my keeper is my best player and has still conceded 10 in 4 then someting is wrong in my back 4.
This is my tactic
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As you can see it gives plenty of support up front in the for of 2 wingers and an adv playmaker in the middle plus the wing backs set to san auto attack role.But reativley defensive with 2CB and an anchor man.
DR-WB Auto
DL-WB Auto
DMC-Anchor D
MC-Adv Plym S
AMR-Winger A
AML-Winger A
STR-Poacher in this case and the same last season but recently have played target man(Babacar,Sanago)
Now im not sure if these are the right roles for my players but any suggestions.
Also these are my signings.
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I dont think I need to sign anyone but is there anyone you would reccomend for Winter transfer window.(Dont currently have money but maybe able to get around 5m)
I dont think i need to sign anyone i just think im not playing tactically right.
So any suggestions on anything.
I'm now into my 4th season with Portsmouth and like you as well, i got promoted in the 1st season. I used to play a control strategy in the Championship but after getting promoted, i changed it to counter attacking. I ended up 5th in my 1st season in the top flight. Tbh, you really have a good squad there and imo, i think it's better for you to play with fullback rather than wingback.
I would have one forward as a support duty, also when I got promoted with Reading, I played a deep defensive line with one CB as a Stopper and the other as cover, I also played with a rigid setup.
Like Man v.1 mentioned, starting strategy is key. Counter in the Premiership is really good for newly promoted sides, I finished seventh in my first season using it with Bristol City. Also, I'd suggest not being so attacking if you're playing away from home or at home to decent sides. I'm sure those players would easily fit into a 4-4-2 to give your side a bit more cover at the back; I played with a Ball Winning Midfielder (Defend) and a Deep Lying Playmaker (support) so I see no reason why that wouldn't work for you with Diarra and Adam. Deep defensive line worked well for me, too. But the main thing you can do to improve is simply wait. With me, it took about ten to fifteen games for the side to gel properly and then we just kicked on and did well. Hope this helps mate!
Thanks everyone.I went and tried the 424 Il Devasto against Fulham in the league cup at Craven cottage ran out 0-5 comfortable winners so I will try this for awhile and see how it fairs.Thanks again for the advice