Burnley Challenge - not a hard one.

Aug 3, 2010
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Brian Laws has been sacked by Burnley Football Club.
Try and get Burnley promoted back into the Premier League.
And do better than Brian Laws
This should be good. I will try and loan out of favour players from the Prem.
Thinking of starting as Burnley, Should be a good game. Hopefully they can stay up with me in charge ;D
Getting promoted is not a hard task. staying put in the EPL is harder
I already did that. I was promoted and played the final of FA cup. In second season i qualified to Europa league. And lately that season i took over Man City. :D
It's not really a 'challenge' if you ask me, but good luck to who ever takes place.
Decent challenge Burnley, little bit of money to spend and an already more than capable squad.

Got them promoted first season as champions, second season finished 8th in the prem. A decent, and achievable challenge.
just started a burnley save yesterday