Aug 24, 2012
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I was wondering if anyone was ever successful in including buy back prices on players that are reasonable. When I sell a player, if I put a buy back price in of 4x what I sell the player for when I offer to clubs no one get back to me. If I offer to clubs for the same price without the buyout clause I have many offers. My overall question is, is it possible to get realistic buy back clauses, EG. What Barcelona do with many young players in FM?
I have always struggled with this but i think Barca never sell them for very high like Romeu and Bojan went for quite cheap, you would have to sell a youngster for around £5million then have a buy back of £20million its like you say too much if you sell for £15million yourself
A buy-back clause is a no-win risk for the buying team (unless as coolmcool says you significantly reduce the selling price to compensate). If Southampton had had a 4x buy-back clause on Gareth Bale they'd now be able to buy him for £28m.

I've occasionally inserted a buy-back clause for academy players that aren't breaking into the first team and are offered for by smaller teams, just in case they become 'late bloomers' - but we're talking players sold for less than £1m, and the buyback is usually much more than 4x. And only for players where another team has approached me, not when I'm actively offering the player around.
Even if I sell a player for 2 million, I want a buy back price on that player of around 10-12 million but teams never seem to show interest
I got this wonderkid Striker i bought for 3m euro 2 years ago, he's english and has a stat like maupay, but taller, faster, and more of a team player.. but i still got a Superb striker regen which scores 40+ goals last season. I was trying to loan him out again, as he is successful in all of his loans.

His value is 8m, No one wants him on loan, he got 70k wage, so i need to get rid of him. I tried to sell him for 20m with 50% next sale and buyback of 40m.. the minimum buy back get bigger when i included the 50% next sale..

Almost every top clubs wants him with my offered terms, so i changed it, with 40m and with 50% next sale and buyback of 63m.. Suddenly, the interest was somewhat lost. But RM offered 30m without next sale and a buy back of 63m... I tried to make them increase their offer, but nobody budge..

Arsenal Even offer 55m + 50% next sale, but i was determine to have a buy back even for 80m. When i negotiated their offer, i lowered arsenal offer to what i want, the 40m with next sale and buy back.. they just withdraw..

I gave up, as i think i'll not buy him back in the near future, so i went to sell him without buy back, i fetch RM with 60m euro with 50% percentage..