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Buying wonderkids, waiting a few years then shipping them off for more.

Jul 30, 2013
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I love this way of making money as it can be benefical to the club in both terms of funds and stability or class in the squad. Incase any of you dont know this method of making money i will explain. It is when you pick up a cheap bargain for a youngester who has a player potenial ability of atleast 3*. You will then keep them for a few years, it would be really good to loan them out for them few seasons so you can also get him off your wage bill and potentialy get a loan fee. You will then wait until you believe that they have reached there peak and are worth as much money as they ever will be. This method requires you to be patient as i wouldnt suggeest you to spend all/most money on these types of players as you then wouldnt have enough to sign first team players. You will be making profits easily. But anyway, back to the question, as i said i love using this method of making money and i was wondering what players are best to use in this method? Cheers