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Feb 6, 2011
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hey guys this my first story so please give feedback hope you enjoy(H)
Year founded 1918
Stadium Estadio Marcolino de Castro
(Capacity 4,667)
Traning Facillities Good Traning Facillities
Youth Facillities Average Youth Faccillites + Youth Academany
Chairman Rodrigo Nunes Silva Abelha
League Liga De Honra
Media league poistion 6th
Club History
Liga De Honra Third place 1989 2010
Portuguese Second Division Group B Winners 2003
Portuguese Second Division Runners Up 1962 1964

The C.D Feirense Stadium

Today C.D Feirense sack Francisco Chalo

He has been sacked after there was allegations that he had been taking drugs and has been driking 24/7. Today Chairman Rodrigo Nunes has sacked Francisco Chalo and has had this to say i dont want a drugie and a achoholic to mange my team. He should be ashamed of himself he gave C.D.Feirense a bad name also Football. He should banned from manging a club forever.

C.D.Feirense Take On A Unknown Manger

They say he is the next Mourinho, his name is Alex Hatewell his has no experince in Managing a club, He has only just finshed his education. The only Football experince is playing for his local club. They will have a press conference tommorow.

Press Conference

Alex Hi everyone thanks for joning us here
Media you welcome
Alex any questions
Media yes do you think you do well here
Alex yes i do
Media you have not a lot of experinces in football does that bother you
Alex No
Media you dont speak Portuguese how will speak to your player
Alex Learn it ha ha
Media are going sign anyone
Alex yes i am
Media Where do think you finsh this season
Alex 1 st
Media is that ambitions
Alex yes it is i am ambitions
Media Thanks bye
Alex Bye

Oct 9, 2010
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Good start, it's great to see someone do a story in a different league. The Portuguese league is a great challenge too, the smaller teams (like this one) have tiny stadiums, and little support/finances...the big teams are so wealthy and are really tough to beat. One of the toughest challenges in the game IMO. I had a long-term Sporting save in FM10 and Porto was always really tough to beat, and that was with Sporting. Will follow if you write this.
Feb 6, 2011
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Pre season and Transfers

I brought 10 players to make my squad bigger and stronger i was happy with the player i brought in and im really looking forward to work with them.

We scored 15 goals and we look vey deadly and we could be league champions we are ready for the new season, we are very happy. we won 5 out of 6 games and only lost one.