Call of Duty: Black Ops - ZOMBIES


Dec 29, 2009
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Just thought I would start this thread to see what people think.

Share your ideas on the new maps

Tell everyone your achievements

What is your favourite gun?

What is your favourite tactic?
My favourite gun is the Predator (The Commando placed in the pack-a-punch).
My favourate gun is the stakeout, dont really have a tactic except try and stay alive and kill as many zombies as possible.
I like the pack-a-punched commando and the famas. The stakeout is only good till about round 20.

My favourite tactic is unlocking the whole map and doing full laps of it. All the zombies just line up then.
I always seem to play with people who just run off on their own and dont bother working as a team.
when I tried to play zombies with my mate we couldn't get connect to each others games :S tho this was ages ago so they may have fixed it
Ascension's good.
I like any light machine guns, or Commando/ray gun, and the gurge machine!
pack-a-punched AUG is awsome (H)
2nd favourite on Kino Der Toten is MP40 with double tap perk. Never run out of ammo which is crucial for later rounds :)

I've got to level 25 on numerous occasions. The best opportunity of getting further was when me & my friend had upgraded guns etc (I had zeus cannon) but then his internet cut out!

Haven't played much of Ascension yet
Got to round 27 on the new map yesterday..

Zombies is pro!
why don't I ever get invited to these games :'(

Cos it's only the mods of iSpy that get in! ;)

Don't worry, you'll have a chance to earn yourself and perhaps come a mod.. someday ;)
Yeaah, i'm up for zombies if anyone else is now?
Best gun is the Thundergun upgraded- zeus cannon.
Now/soonish? :p

I'll come on around 10, gona play a bit more fifa

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I'm up for zombies on xbox later, anyone joining me?