Jun 14, 2009
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I recently installed FM2010 back onto my PC after I clean installed my computer to put Windows 7 on it. The install was successful and I can easily play away. But, I created a facepack for myself and strikerv9dutch to use on our story. It's exactly the same but my config doesn't seem to be able to write over the excisiting player's that FM2010 automatically installs, like the championship. So some of my player's have the new facepack as they didnt have a photo whereas some still have FM2010's original. Is there a way around this by deleting a file or something? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Are you having the Megapack 2.0? I've tested this with my created facepack before and those players that have faces in the MP will not be overwrite. You need to manually swap the faces in the MP with your created facepack.
I didnt save the Megapack when I clean installed so I lost it. Was planning to change from it anyway. My problem was the default folder the game was looking at was inside steam, and it hadnt actually recognised the SI folder in My documents. So I edited the default folder and now it overites the face problem. Thanks for your help though mate. :wub: