Can anyone help me with tactics? i'm a bit of a noob!


Dec 9, 2010
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Hi guys, this is the first year i've played this game so i'm still getting to grips with how it all works.

I'm currently in my 3rd season with Everton, first two went well: 3rd in prem in my first season, 2nd in prem in the next including fa cup winner and champions league winner. So there i was thinking that i had sorted a working tactic to make my team play out of their skins.

Then, i'm in my 3rd season, things arent going well, started the season well enough but recently i seem to be drawing all the time. It doesn't help that i've had a bad injury to my main striker, but the team just isn't working. No major new team changes either.

Can anyone give me some tips? or even help me formulate a new tactic?

Heres my starting 11:

GK: Alex Smithies
DR: Seamus Coleman
DL:Leighton Baines
DCR: Phil Jagielka
DCL: Christian Zapata
DMC: Marouane Fellaini
MCR: Tim Cahill
MCL: Mikel Arteta
AMR: Adam Johnson
AML:Magaye Gueye
ST: Vaclav Kadlec (about to get Diego Tardelli to rotate)