Can someone tell me why this happened?


Mar 26, 2013
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Ok so simply i used the editor to put glasgow celtic and rangers into english league 2

i then took control of celtic and on my first season i won league 2, nothing wrong there

on my second season i won league 1 and also managed to win the fa cup beating man city 1-0

so i have started my third season in the championship and about half way in and for some reason i wasnt entered into the Europa League

can someone explain why this happened? was it something i did wrong when putting celtic into the english leagues?

hope ive not ****** it up haha
You have to change the continental cup qualification in the editor to England otherwise they cannot qualify for Europe through the English system.
ah ****
so i can never get into europe?
and where abouts is that?
Nope no Europe for you in that save!

In the official editor if you go to edit the club their are three spots you can edit with relationship to the country.

Based Country - What country your team is in
Continental Cup - Which country they qualify for Champions League Competitions From
Nation - What country your team plays in domestic league
Sorry man! The editor is as rewarding and it is unforgiving at times!