Can you convert a Youth Coach into a Chief Scout?


Feb 19, 2013
So I would think the most important attributes for a chief scout are - scout current ability, scout potential ability, and I guess scouting knowledge of different countries in general.

So I did an attribute search for scout CA and scout PA 20/20. And actually there are a lot of youth coaches with these 2 high attributes. So would it be a good idea to hire a youth coach as a chief scout? And would they get better it over time even though they previously had no experience as a chief scout?

I'm looking at people such as:
Parnaby, Baccin, and Matt Hale.

Or I could just try to approach Rowley but he's an older coach at age 60 now and what happens if he retires, I'll have to look for a new coach in a few years. Opinions. Anyone tried this approach of using a Youth Coach as a Chief Scout and how did it work out for you?


Aug 19, 2014
I do this all of the time... I find really good youth coaches who want to come to my club as U18 coaches but hire them as my U18 Manager or U18 Assistant manager..