Can you do a Network Game without Halmachi?


Jun 1, 2009
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Is there any way of playing a Network Game using Steam or any other way without having to download Hamalchi or anything else.

Sure i saw a guide for how to do this for FM10, is it stil possible on 11 and if so could somebody pelase send me a guide of how to do it?
I found this here:

Network play allows the user to play Football Manager™ 2011 against other humans over either a local area network or the internet. You can either be the host of such a saved game, or merely join a saved game hosted by another user.

To start a network game as the host, create a new saved game as has been described in this manual. Make sure the ‘Run as Server’ box is ticked in the ‘Preferences’ – this will allow other users to join your saved game. Once the game has been set up and you have chosen a team to manage, you are in a position to host a network game. From the ‘’FM’ menu, go to the ‘Game Status’ screen and note the ‘Server IP Address’. You will need to provide this to anyone you intend to allow into your network game.

If you are joining a network game, all you need is the IP address from the host. From the Main Menu, select ‘Join Network Game’ and then select a server. If no servers exist or the server you wish to join isn’t there, enter the IP address from the ‘Join Other Server’ option. You should join/re-join the network saved game.

And this also tells you what to do when on a Mac:
The following guide provides instructions for creating a game with multiple players across a network.

In order to create a network game allowing multiple players to play against one another, one member must act as the host.

Creating a game (Host):

To allow other players to connect, the host (the person creating the game) needs to follow the instructions outlined below:

-Select Preferences

-Select Network

-Enter a name for Server Name
  • A password is optional

-Select Run as Server

-Click Confirm

-Start a New Game
-Create a new manager profile and select a team to manage

-Click on Save As… to save your process

Joining a game (Client)

After the host has created a game, other players, referred to as clients, can attempt to join the network game.

To join the network game the client/s will need to follow the instructions outlined below:

- Select Join Network Game
- Select Join Other Server

This step requires the IP Address of the host.

To identify the IP Address of a computer follow the instructions below:

Windows PC:

·Click the Start menu

·Select Programs

·Select Accessories

·Select Command Prompt

·Type ipconfig

·Press Enter

Apple Macintosh:

·Click on System Preferences

·Select Network

·Select active connection

- Enter the IP Address of Host
- Click Ok
- Once connected you will be prompted to add a manager profile:
- Click on FM
- Select Add New Manager
- Create a new manager profile and select a team to manage
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flyhigher , hi mate ,how can we play fm 2011 on tunngle,i downloaded it but i dont know how to use it ,please help :)
1. Download :
2. Register a name.
3. Join the FM 2011 network room under: Network Explorer > Simulation > Football Manager 2011
4.The game will show up in local servers.
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