Feb 7, 2013
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Whenever I start a new game, I always look at the teams I will be playing pre season against. If I am a PL for example and I am playing league 2 teams, I tend to cancel the friendly and arrange one against tougher opposition or try to organise a tour of somewhere. I have two questions:

1) can you play too many friendlies?
2) do your players tend to get tired from touring abroad like jet lag or risk the chance of injuries from playing in different climates?
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I play as many as I can, usually one every 3 days. Especially when I'm in a lowe league, I arrange big home matches (that I'll probably loose) for the first half to get income then similar/lower reputation teams for the second half of pre-season so the mood is positive going into the season (as I will win 90% of them). Generally I have enough players to swap the starting 11 each game and if I don't I grab a kid from my U18s
1) yes you can, more games played higher risk of injury as players are not match fit
2) not to my knowledge, no! the players do not suffer from jet lag or anything else

I arrange around 6 every season! I go on tour if I have commercial feeder clubs and play 2 games there, whether it being Japan, China or the States
I then arrange 3 medium to tougher games, mostly away from home
My last game is ALWAYS against the worst team you can find and play it at home, give them a hiding of 10:0 and your player's morale is sky high come the first game of the season..

you can even say to them on the 1st game to sort of pick up from where they left off in the previous game

this is my schedule and works for me every time