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Can you recommend any apps for ipad?

Jul 7, 2010
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Mrs got me an ipad 4 for my birthday other week and now the novelty has worn off I'm not quite sure what apps to download as I'm more of an android guy ( phone is note 2)

I'm hopefully about to embark on a business venture building education apps if my project gets the funding on kick starter just need to upload a vid of some alpha footage of my app once my exams are done and project will go live so I'm hopeful.

Anyway few questions about ipad first off what apps are worth looking at for ipad? I'm not much of a casual gamer prefer my pc and 360 but ill give most stuff a go but I'm hoping people can recommend apps other than gaming ones

Second question is it possible to use the ipad as some kind of dev kit to make apps I use MIT appinventor among other things as well but just wondering if there was anything decent for ipad to make apps and stuff?