Can you view all AI club transfer bids?


Jul 22, 2017
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Hi, sorry if this has been asked before. I've scoured the web half heartedly and can't find an answer.

So is there a way to see all the current transfer bids for all players in the game at one time?

To put it into context, an AI team have just signed a defender I wanted. He wasn't transfer listed and I didn't see any news stories or rumours about the bid prior to the transfer.
go to World(the right of the search bar, click on the world globe thing) and click transfers. From there you can select which region/country to see.
Thanks but that's no good. That just shows transfers that have already happened or been agreed. I'm talking about active transfer bids, the type I can hijack if needs be.
I'm afraid that's not possible. Remember that when you make a transfer bid you have 2 options, to keep it private or to make it public? Well, the AI has those options too, but someone from their staff can leak the info to the press, just like your staff may do.