Can your owners change in FM, if so has your's changed


Dec 25, 2010
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**** the Bolton board, giving me a **** budget and not tried to sell Steinsson because it was too good of an offer to refuse.
owners change all the time, a consortium headed by obafemi martins just bought stoke on my game!
yes owners change, my best takeover was with AC Milan in fm10 got something like 340m to spend, altough I had about 200 before he took over.
When and what year guys?

Im Liverpool in 3rd season with NESV. Just won league and cup double. They gave me a good budget of £40M but never agree to my requests such as improved youth facilites etc.

As much as i like them irl, i would love for a sheik to buy the club. I missed out on a regen with a PA of 191 for £6M because of NESV!!! :mad: And a transfer revenue of 30% :O :mad:

'Tom Werner feels he will never leave the club of his own voilition' <<< ??????

My Job Security is stable (because just started 3rd season) but was at the end of 2nd 'Untouchable'
When I was managing Charlton we was took over, however we was provided with no cash injection- Whoever your club is owned by, any large offer for a player, has a chance of being accepted- Especially when managing a Mid-Table club like Bolton.