Cancel players signing on free transfers


Nov 9, 2010
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In January of my game save I signed a good CB for my Vitesse team on a free transfer as his contract was expiring in 6 months. At the end of the season about 2 weeks before he's due to join my squad he suffers a knee tendinitis and is out for 8 months.

I don't want him anymore as his stats will decline and he'll be out for the majority of next season. I agreed a 4 year deal, am I now stuck with this crocked player?
hahahha, yeah mate, sorry but you are :(

that is one of the risks signing the player on a Bosman!

I have not had that yet though (touch wood)

Fiorentina did it with Guiseppe Rossi this season! they signed him even though he had cruciate ligament damage, it is different to your situation, but saying it works like that as well!

You should try to wait for as long as possible until you sign someone on a bosman. You never know if they will get injured while still playing for their current club, it's always a risk. You're just unlucky in this case. But sometimes other clubs might be offering the player a deal so then you just have to take a chance.

In real-life when signing players that later get a longterm injury. Often results in the player offering to wait with his salary until he has fully recovered from his injury. For example Hamit Altintop did this when he arrived at Real Madrid and picked up an injury, he said that he could wait with his salary until fully fit but Real Madrid paid him anyway. I've heard about other similar cases like this, don't know about Giuseppe Rossi, but ofcourse it depends on how greedy the player is aswell.
Onyewu requested he did not get paid while being injured at AC Milan for over a year!

Onyewu missed all the 2009–10 season – appearing in only one Champions League match – due a knee injury suffered while on national team duty. At the end of the season, on May 17, 2010, it was announced that Onyewu's contract with Milan was extended by one season, keeping him under contract with the club through the end of the 2012–13 season; upon Onyewu's request, the one-year extension included no salary.[1