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Cannot add player to national team.

Hal Wing

Jan 19, 2009
I just took over managing England while simultaneously managing my club team. At the end of last season, one of my players (who starred for both England and my team) announced that he was retiring from internationals after England won the European Championship, but before I took over the team.

I immediately asked the player to reconsider, and he did. But now, when I right-click on the player, the only options I have are to remove him from the national team or from the national pool. The game won't allow me to call him up. I even tried playing a couple of World Cup qualifiers, just to see if it took a while to register that the player was eligible. No luck. Anyone have any ideas of how to call the player up? The national pool has him marked as already being on the team, but he I can't get him onto the England roster.