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Cannot make a successful tactic!


Nov 28, 2008
I have started numerous saves with great teams, poor teams & average teams & cannot seem to make a tactic! Not sure what else to do, I want to play a possession passing game with a holding midfielder & full backs coming forward & possibly wingers playing as IFs. But I cannot seem to get it right can anyone help please ?


Dec 13, 2014
ok how do you like to play i normally use two tactics varying for the strength of team im facing and the tactics they have had most trouble with both have the same instructions and both are very attacking with minor differences. however a good ball winning mid/ dmc is needed and a reliable amc is a must. johnny ucharia is a good cheap option for amc.

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ok so its a 4-2-3-1 with a ball winning mid and a strait forward cm as our enforcers. 2 wingers and a amc. the striker is set as a complete forward. with these match instructions

View attachment 320503View attachment 320502

the cmp foward will look to play others in whilst your wingers and amc attempt to play him in all in all this leads to a very fluid attack with great forward play. your wingers will cut inside quite a bit due to the space created and pick up a fair few goals.
but the best part is the play between the amc and your forward with vice versa getting assists for the other.

due to your wingers firing in crosses but also cutting inside this allows any attacking fullbacks to maraud forward to deliver the ball into the box. the ball winning mid mops up any loss of possession creating a very fluid vibrant attacking style of football whilst also maintaining most of the possession.

i scored over 80 goals in my first season with derby. bought in slimani for 1.1 mill from sporting did really well.

the other tactic is exactly the same instructions but with a little more support for the defense for the bigger teams.
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well thats my first post on here hope you have success but i created this tactic to build a team to fit it. so if thats how you play enjoy it and good luck.
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Nov 17, 2014
ajdawson94, Can I just say cheers for the help. I use this formation all the time and it usually works but just didnt. This has helped and its great to know, I'm not the only one who likes Leali as a GK