Can't change foccused area on match preparation


Nov 10, 2010
Hello guys, I'm new here, and I have a question.
In the Match Preparation section, I cannot choose the type of approach I want (between Defense Positioning, Attack Movement, None, Team Blend, and whatever).
The Attack Movement option is the one selected, and I may choose another one, but it always comes back to Attack Movement each time I return to the MP Section.
It just doesn't save my changes, so I'm doomed to prepare Attack Movement forever.
Did anyone have this problem?
I also checked the Assistant Manager is NOT taking care of Match Preparation so that is not his problem.

Thanks for the help.


Dec 30, 2008
hiya, my game is the same, im playing with aston villa and the match preperation is simply useless because of this... what seems like a rather major bug. its almost a game ruined because the match preperation option which is a great upgrade to the system simply cant be used correctly mine is also stuck on attacking movement... i dont know if im missing something but if anybody knows a cure apart from restarting the game or waiting for an update please share.

however i cant say its effecting the outcome of the game much as i have played 26 premiership games and top of the league with the most goals scored all season so far.

love the game heck of a lot just hope this is an easy fix because for me to have to start again or wait for an update its a huge dissapointment.

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i just double checked the assistant manager settings and after unchecking the box mine has resolved im now in control of match prep, double check and make sure your assistant manager settings are correct you may have forgot to click confirm, you must click confirm for the settings to change.