Can't connect to my friends network game


Jun 3, 2013
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Been having a problem in the past couple of days connecting to my friends network game. It has allowed me to connect to him many times before and we are 11 seasons in on our save. Now i can connect to any other game apart his but he can connect to mine. I have tried uninstalling hamachi as mentioned, i have reset my router, port forwarded my router but still cannot connect. Here are some screenshots:

6a32d11c88467e55074405c0b1b8e96f.png This shows the list of servers available to join and i can join any of these games.

ef158b3bfc6bec8b5548f51b5ad89db9.png This shows my mates server

ed447450caf5b0b40b4e43fdf087077f.png i then type in the password

5beec121e2846641955339ba31f8d940.png It then says this...

6394828b350807b5068465b1679900ba.png Then loads the game database

After this it goes back to showing my mates server and saying there are 2 people in the game. On his game status it shows me as watching and he can't continue without me or force continue me. So i am just stuck on the join online game screen with the server showing up and it falsely saying i am in the game.

If anyone has any idea how to fix this then that would be amazingggggggg as we really wanna keep this save going!