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Can't enter of watch most of the football games

Sep 3, 2014
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Hi my friends, hello everybody, this is my first message from my suscription, I'm Spanish and I support Atlético de Madrid, I'm managing Atlético and then Benidorm (where I live) as well in the Spanish 2nd division.

My problem is the following: I have configured full detail games for all the Spanish and English leagues. I'm now playing friendlies at the beginning of the season but for some reason I can't access a single game once it's been already played, not even my own!!! For example, I can watch a game Athletic Bilbao - Arsenal, but once it's been played I can't go back to it and watch it.

Then, if I forget saving the game I'm playing after leaving it I won't be able to return to it again or find out which players participated in the game or how they played. I just can't access that very game anymore.

It's torturing me and causes me a lot of distress cos I've been panning the internet but not a single page speaks about it.

My only intention is just clicking any game and being able to watch the highlights of it, either it being one I played or some other teams'.

Thanks in advance for your advices, I'd like to know as well your opinions about upgrading the version. I'm playing now in the Summer of 2011 and it's okay but maybe would like to have a more up to date football world and don't know as well if the newer versions have enough improvements to make them worthwile.

Thanks once again and keep on the good soccering and support Atletico!!! hehehehehe
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