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Jul 13, 2012
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Just took over at Southampton, and since I used the 13.3 database I had Pochettino's staff, including his *** Man he brought from Espanyol and a few rubbish/non-english speaking coaches. So I want to sack all of them, and it's let's me as per usual sack the majority of them.

But whenever I try to sack D'Agostino (Coach) or Perez (Assistant Manager), it says that the board is blocking the termination of their contracts because they would 'have to pay an extortionate fee'. I checked and the fee's required are quite high (£1.1m and £1.3m), but I thought you were allowed to sack and of the staff regardless when you first takeover a club?!

And since their wages aren't too high, my backup plan if there is no way around this is to leave Agostino and send him on some courses, and make Perez a fitness coach, as he has decent attributes for that. But since he has only just signed for Southampton, I can't offer him a new contract... So does anyone know how long I will have to wait until I can offer him a new one?