Can't get a job, dont know if this is a glitch


Nov 24, 2008
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Hi.... 3 seasons with porto
won the league first season then won everything next two seasons inc champs lge twice, resigned, was manager of england aswell and won the world cup 2014 and then resigned. basically i want a job in england as the portugal one is boring.
every job i apply for im unsuccessful, i only get offered jobs in portugal. I've won all you can yet can't get a job at crystal palace in the championship.

Anyone else have the same problem?
might not be a glitch, you may have set the english league as view only which is you can only look at the league's, players etc
It might be you have high wages and the clubs don't want to pay compensation. You might have to risk it and resign.
Then again, you can try saving before you resign, and holiday until you get a job you'd like. If it's taking too long, you can just carry on with the save...
Yep, its resign from Porto and they will offer you the job.

Happened to me, I left Madrid for villa, i think its cause they cant afford you.
no im not the manager of anyone like i said i've already resigned. i''ve never had this problem before. i've got portuguese english and spanish league loaded, there all playable as i can apply but like i say, sweet nothng
i was hearts for 4 seasons winning spl 4 times in a row and 2 scottish cups ok i didnot win cl but my rating was world class after i started game as semi pro.
i cant evan get job at bottom of championship derby after i quit hearts i did get hearts to cl 1st knockout twice
same problem as me then mate i understand what your saying. on previous fm's never been a problem and this is the first time i resigned. warning to you guys out there, dont resign lol
I've seen a few people with this problem. I think , at the beginning of the game you need to set your past experience as either Professional or International , if you start off Sunday League and then become World Class you still can't get a job for some reason
bit bizarre as u earn a rep in any team anytime dont matter where ok i dont expect with my hearts save to take over at barca but to be laughed off by west ham??????

i mean come on!!
I know what you mean and agree with you .
Shouldn't really matter what you did before , what matters is what you've done in management
i set my status as international footballer, i genuinely think this is a glitch. i was even being laughed off by the kit man!