Can't get any better with FC Copenhagen?..


Sep 8, 2009
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I have now played till 2019 with FC Copenhagen and i have just reached the final i CL, but lost 3-2 to Real Madrid. But now even after having got this good a result and having qualified for the knock out stages in the CL 4 years in a row i am only getting a transfer budget of 10 percent of what i usually get...
Of course this is because i am using a lot more money because i can attract much better players and of course do that, so i am using much more of my salary than usual. But does this mean that i can't ever get any good players unless i fire some of my expensive players, or is there some way of increasing your transfer budget other than selling out?
Yes, probably. But is there ant way to increase it other than selling players?
To increase your wage budget:
- Sell players
- Go to the board room and adjust your budgets
- Go to to board room and request more money