Austyn Kloehn

Aug 12, 2011
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I have tried numerous times to download and use a database or two from here, but i cant get FM to recognize the folder. I have checked my 2012 folders and have assured myself I saved the new folder the same and correct way. The folders in my My doc>SI>FM13 are as followed editor data, files, filters, games, matches, schedules, shortlists, sounds, tactics, texts, texture sheet (png image)

So when i start a new game why dont I have the option of selecting one of the four databases I have in the editor data folder. Please help, what am i doing wrong?!

Thank you
just a shot in the dark but... in preferences, saving, your games files, location - is it pointing to the fm 2013 folder where your editor data files are? Also, have you maybe downloaded rar files and just put the whole file into the editor data folder as opposed to extracting them?