Can't get good job, knowledge problem?


Nov 30, 2008
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Hello guys i have one question. As i have ended my ''south/north american expansion'' i like to post here my achievements:

1. season (Santos): Sao Paolo state championship, Copa de Brasil (runner up), Campeonato Brasiliero Seria A champions.

2.season (San Lorenzo): 2nd in Argentinian first league.

3. season (Boca): Argentine primera division champions x2, Copa libertadores winner

4. season (America (mex) ): Fifa club world cup runners up, North american champions league winner, Won premiera division two times.

5. season (Santa Fe (columbia): First liga postobon two times, Copa Colombia

So, i have win in Brasil, Argentina, Mexico and Colombia. I have see in FRMTE i have CA 182, but i can't get job in Europe. Why???
As said above, you need to have loaded the European leagues and made sure they were 'Playable' rather than 'View Only'. If you have done this, then it'll just be patience. The standards of leagues are different, so if your hoping for a managerial position at Barcelona, Man Utd etc. then that's your problem. Try heading lower down.
Just keep trying. You will get picked up by a team. It can just take time. Be patient.
I have all big european leagues activated, england, france, spain, russia, italy, germany, holland, portugal..but nothing, i have get after one year of doing nothing job at spain second division club ath.bilbao (NON-BASQUE RULE!!). But i think that problem is at knowledge. I have question why i have only Slovenian (my nationality), Serbian (my second nationality) and Colombian (my last season in south america club) knowledge??? It's maybe that reason to not get a good job in Europe?