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Cant get past loading screen when starting FM


Sep 23, 2014
Hi guys,

I really need your help. I have tried everything, however I cant get past the loading-screen in the start of the program, before I get to the main menu.

I recently changed my HDD on my Macbook, and I needed to install FM14 over again. In the start it worked well, but after changing preferences (minor changes like playing in window instead of full screen etc). I also changed the location of local files (games, tactics etc.).

The next time I started FM14, it stopped at the loading-page. It was stuck there for several hours, and the only way I could quit the program was to force-quit it. I have re-installed FM/Steam, tried verifying integrity of game cache etc etc.

Any help out there?

I also find it odd that FM starts in window even after I have re-installed both Steam and FM. I should start up in full screen as standard settings?