Can't get regional promotion/relegation to work

Jul 4, 2013
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Hello all. I'm doing a revamped Scottish Pyramid basically it goes like this:
  1. SPL
  2. 1st Division
  3. Lowland League Premier & Highland League Premier
  4. Lowland League East, Lowland League West, Highland League East and Highland League West
  5. 8 Regional Premier Divisions (Angus, Ayrshire, Lothian & Borders, Clydeside, Fife & Perthshire, Grampian, Highlands & Islands and Lanarkshire)
So far so good. I've set it up to automatically move clubs around to make those leagues as geographically accurate as possible. The problem was I had teams left over but not enough to have a full tier below them without them being spread all over the country. The teams in the game are also (mostly) heavily skewed towards the North and East of Scotland. To this end I wanted to make the Highlands and Islands league and the Angus leagues have their own 2nd tier where teams can only get promoted to those tiers and nowhere else. It's not letting me do this and I really don't want teams like Largs Thistle or Gala Fairydean coming bottom of their leagues and getting put into the Highlands & Islands League 1st Division playing against teams from Skye and Orkney.