Can't load the demo (quick start) saved games

Jacques DeCoq

Nov 1, 2013
Every time I try to load up the existing quick start thingamajig in the demo it gives me this error:

Logged to channel: warnings and errors

! Warning: RULE_GROUP_MANAGER::load() - cannot find rule group

With the power of my Googles, I can see that the solution to this is supposed to be deleting this Samsung All Share/Samsung Link program. The problem is that I don't think it's installed in my PC, at least I can't for the life of me find it. I recently upgraded my PC and put a Samsung SSD in there, so I figured that must have been the reason, but no apparently. I'm pretty sure my SSD disk just offers me to install two other programs (can't remember names) and I've already uninstalled them, to no avail.

This isn't just happening with the FM 14(demo). A couple of days ago I discovered that my old favourite save in FM 13 was still alive (I thought I'd accidentally deleted it). I had already installed it again and started a new save that could load perfectly. However, when I put the old save in the SI save game folder and tried to load it, it didn't work and gave me exactly the same message as above. My new save works fine though.'s going on?

Btw, I have Windows 8 if you're wondering.

EDIT: And when I try the classic mode the game runs out of memory apparently (tries to allocate 4261412880 bytes - I only have 4gb's...)
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