Oct 8, 2011
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Hi everyone. I'm currently managing Wigan in the nPower Championship, in my second season (I took over Wigan after finishing the first with another club). I'm trying to sign new players, but about 50% of the time my wages are capped at a ridiculously low level - €2400 for first team players. I know wigans finances are poor, but ii have over €30000 left on my wage budget and I can't spend it. The game doesn't say anything about why the cap is so low. Does anyone know why this is, and what I can do? I'd like to push for promotion, but I need to be able to replace the players who left.
Maybe you have some players coming up and the game is already counting those wages?Idk
It's related to your projected balance. The board are trying to stop you going out of business. Not a lot you can do about it.
The Chairman has certain rules that will not allow you to sign players for high wages even though you may have thousands left, and yes as above, it links to the projected balance due to certain clauses/extra payments of each players.
The Chairman also limits the number of signings for a partciluar amount of wage... for example, the chairman will allow you to sign 8 First Team players on their maximmum wage type, and even though you still have plenty of $$$ if you do decide to sign more players under First Team players, the chairman will lower the maximmum wage for that player.

In my club at the moment, I can only have 2 Key Players at the mentioned maximmum wage of $1200 (Semi pro club shh), if i were to decide to sign another player under Key Player type, the chairman will reduce the maximmum wage for the new player, in my case its $425... and thus the player refuses... most likely.

To be honest, I really don't know where this came from, but I saw it somewhere during my game...