Paul Burns

Feb 25, 2013
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Urgent help required. Although my profile states game is in offline mode, when I try and launch the game after selecting offline mode a steam error message appears stating that could not connect to steam network. I need this fixing asap as I'm going to afghan for 4 months soon and won't be able to have access to internet.
im having same problem, i work offshore and i had my game set to offline mode and it was working fine yesterday and when i turned my computer on today it giving me the same steam error saying there is no steam login stored on this computer...... this might be the last time i buy fm as the has been a problem for me since this game came out and made us use the internet to play the game..... im so mad with it as iv bought this game since it first came out as champ manager but this year has killed me as im away for 4 weeks at a time so ill be spending the next 3 weeks bored...... THANKS SI