Can't play like this, big problems! Plz help!


Mar 22, 2010
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I have a really hard problem with my football manager 2011th I can not give the contract to the player / coach who is without a contract, I can not renew the contract with the player / coach in my club. And then when I bid on any player, I get it accepted and will offer a contract, so that never respond to the offer, the transfer period ends, and then I get no player. I've tried reinstalling the game, but all files do not disappear, my default settings are left as the game is never completely removed, even though I delete all the files I could find. Gets mad, does anyone know what it could be the problem? Has anyone got the same? How can I fix it?

Sorry for my bad english, hope you understand my problem.

Grateful for answers!
I tried, but it did not work. I'm going crazy. How can the game be so suddenly? And inside my documents are there two folders called Sports Interactive, it has never been before. Very sad, want to play. Anyone know what it could be wrong?

Sorry for my bad English.

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Do you think it might work better if I install it with steam?
has this been happening since you very first started playing fm11 or after a few saves did it start to happen?

as for the 2 SI folders in documents, load a game up and save it with a name that you can remember,then go back to the 2 SI folders and look in games file and see which one has that name save youve just created in it,delete the other SI folder that doesent have that save game in it so that you are left with only 1 SI folder in documents with the recent save game in.

not sure if installing through steam would help,you could always give it a try but you would have to do a manual unistall again of previous install,if you do this make sure you delete the SI folder/s in documents as well,i think its down to the team your managing and probably not being able to offer contracts due to restrictions for your league or something,its kinda hard to understand what you mean
Have you been using FMRTE because I hear that can give contract bugs that haven't been fixed yet?
I have not used FMRTE or some other program. All of a sudden it was like this only, I have tried removing everything, reinstalled, installed with steam, but it's still weird when I'm going to offer contracts, do not understand what the problem is. No one else has the same problem? Really want it to work.